DMS, July 29 2010

Rev. Ac. Vishvadevananda Avt. DMS program in Madhu Karuna, Germany
Part 1

Namaskar Dear Brothers and sisters,

On 29 July 2010, our Rev Ac Vishwadevananda Dada addressed on the first day to the gathering of devotees who were present in the morning and evening program in community hall near Madhukaruna.

The subject of his discourse was “Ba’ba’ the perfect synonym of a Supreme Father”.
Rev Dada started with Ba’ba’s all pervasive power and love for Devotees.
Ba’ba’ started exhibiting the power since his birth while feeding him for the first time..
When Rev Dada was a small boy, when Dada and his best friend used to argue, to claim that my father was great or his friend’s father was Great.

You know, everybody has love for his own father.
Baba is the Supreme so he is the Father, that’s why everybody has love for that Supreme Father and HE is our Baba.
A father loves his child but the grandfather loves his grand children still more and great grandfather loves his grand children still more and more.
So Supreme Father who is the father of all children loves his children the Most, that’s why HE is Supreme Father of all.
Many margiis who were present could really understand clearly the Synonym of a Supreme Father, where in Rev Dada narrated various stories relating to the all pervasive power and love for his devotees.

Suppose for example- Rev Dada narrated incidents regarding Personal Contact with Baba.
During one Personal Contact, when Baba told a tall figured devotee to sit on His lap, the devotee hesitated at first and when found seated he felt that Baba’s lap is no more small but enlarged to seat comfortable and he felt to be like a child and didn’t want to get out of that fatherly/motherly lap of Baba.

In another incident, Ba’ba gave a stick to another devotee making to sit first on Baba’s lap by dearly calling beside and pulled him and later asked him touch the Sádhakas sitting there in the room.
Whomever the devotee touched, those aspirant were experiencing trance at once.
So Baba later asked him how you feel.
Then the aspirant said, Baba I am feeling a lot of energy and power within me and I feel that I can create another Universe, within no time.

Baba took the stick from him and after a while how do you feel now?
I am feeling like an ordinary man now before I sat on your lap, Baba.
Now I don’t have any power with me.

Then Baba later explained to Sa'dhakas that Parama Purusa, by HIS grace can exhibit what the Yogis don’t?
Yogis can get such powers only if Parama Purusa bestows one to get any power..

Again Dada said, power of Omniscience can be gotten only by the Grace of Parama Purusa.
In another story of Baba, there were few Dadas who had been initiated with special meditation, and later they were called in Baba’s room.

All of them were standing before Baba and then Baba asked one question about Lord krsna.
Baba asked that how people think that Lord Krsna was playing with girls and women by stealing clothes and many other things, so people have a wrong misunderstanding about those incidents. How do you think?

Then Dadas told that actually we don’t know what had happened we don’t exactly know the incidents. Baba’ didn’t say the answer but they requested Baba please explain the incidents.

Then Baba didn’t reply directly but Baba kept quiet and started to see them for sometime and within moments everybody was getting attracted towards Baba, because Baba changed the whole atmosphere charging it spiritually and all present were weeping and crying; they just caught hold of Baba and starting embracing Baba as if they want to enter into Baba’s body.

So strong was their attraction and love for Baba that after a while then Baba asked them to come in normal situation and found everything normal and started separating from Baba.

Then Baba explained the spiritual attraction which Lord krsna used to create during his time.

That’s how lord krsna used to apply strong love and attraction when the devotees used to dance, sing or run behind him but this concept was misunderstood totally.

The flow of DMS is still continuing unconditionally showering Baba’s Grace.

With this much for now,
With best wishes,
Ac Aniishananda Avt